ABS Braking System

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ABS – what’s it?

Simply put, ABS on motorcycles prevents wheel protection and will increase stability. Motorcycles area unit, by nature, less stable than four-wheel vehicles. Braking too laborious will destabilise a motorbike and cause either the front or rear wheel protection, inflicting the bike to overturn or slide.

Alternatively, failure to brake laborious enough may end up in an exceedingly rider failing to avoid a crash.

How ABS works on motorcycles?

ABS works to stop a motorcycle’s wheel, or wheels, from protection throughout braking. ABS uses speed sensors on each wheels to accurately verify wheel speed still as sensors to see once a wheel is near to lock.

ABS adjusts the braking pressure consequently to stop the wheel from protection and assists with maintaining the soundness of the bike. In several circumstances, ABS has been shown to scale back braking distance. Motorcycles with ABS technology are shown to be concerned in fewer crashes on the road.
See ABS in action giving higher management on the road

Most major bike makers currently provide motorcycles with ABS as either commonplace or nonmandatory instrumentality. If you’re attending to obtain a motorbike to ride on-road, it’s counseled that you simply obtain one with ABS. However, ABS might not be acceptable for cross-country riding conditions. If you’re attending to use associate ABS-equipped bike cross-country, you’ll switch ABS on and off pro re nata.

Benefits of bike ABS

A report into the advantages of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) on on-road motorcycles was commissioned by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments and free in 2015.

The report found that:

ABS might cut back the speed of death and severe injury from bike crashes by thirty first
solely around 2 hundredth of latest motorcycles escort ABS as commonplace
at the present rate of ABS bike sales, this technology has the potential to save lots of twenty two lives between currently and 2025
this figure might rise to thirty five saved lives if ABS is created commonplace on all new motorcycles from 2018.


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